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Low Fuming Brass Rods with Flexible Flux

SOLDARGEN SUPER NI ( Nickel - Brass )

Flexible flux coated alloy for Brass, bronze, and ferrous material Brazing.

International Standard


: A5.8 - 92


: RB Cu Zn-D

Technical Features

Coating color

: Fucsia

Working temperature

: 938 - 982ºC.

Tensile strength

: 42 - 45 Kg./mm².


: 100 - 120 HB0 - 100 HB

Chemical Analysis (%)

Cu :

48.0 %

Ni :

10.0 %

Si :

0.15 %

Zn :


Special Features

SOLDARGEN SUPER NI is a low-fuming alloy for Brass, Bronze, and ferrous materials. High Nickel content provides it with excellent resistance against friction wearing. Easy to use. It produces clean and poreless finishing. It's very machineable.It doesn't need flux as it is adhered to the rod.


Tungsten setting on lathe tools
Restoring of worn or broken cogs in gear wheels.
Coating of parts under friction wearing.
High mechanical demanding joints.


Ø 2.4 mm. - Ø 3.1 mm. x 450 mm rods.

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