Capillary action

The capillary action with Argenta brazing

The capillary action with Argenta brazing

By means of the Capillary Action or Attraction the melted alloy in liquid state penetrates and flows clearance or separation between the parts to be joined.

For this to occur we must consider a well defined tolerance between the faces.

The capillary action occurs better as smaller clearance and even better if it is regular.

In brazing, the capillary separation is of key importance in order to obtain a good joint.

Brazing makes itself due to the capillary action.

The melted alloy flows all over the capillary clearance, no matter the position of the parts. The Capillary Action allows, at a brazing temperature, the melted alloy to go up or down, even back fast and with no difficulty. Once it gets cool and solidifies, it ends in a concave meniscus.

The Capillary Action is much more effective when the surfaces are clean and protected with ARGENTA flux powder or paste.

The capillary action is not produced if the separation is not capillary, dirty, or the brazing rod is of bad quality. Once it gets cool and solidified, the alloy ends up in a convex arch.

Theoretical diagram of capillary action v/s joint separation

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