Basic steps for good brazing

Successful brazing depends on:

1. Proper choice of the brazing filler metals.
2. Right selection of the flux or deoxidant.
3. Appropriate capillary separation.
4. Operator's ability.

The procedure demands suitable temperature and quickness.

In brazing the physical principle known as CAPILLARY ACTION is essential. This allows the filler metal to flow by itself all over the clearance which must be set deliberately between the two pieces.

The right procedure involves 5 basic steps:

  • Step N° 1 Metal Clean up
  • Step N° 2 Application of Flux
  • Step N° 3 Setting of the Parts
  • Step N° 4 Heating of the Parts
  • Step N° 5 Post Brazing Cleaning Procedure

These steps are obviously easy to be put in practice and carrying them out takes little time, but to skip one of them will prevent you from dong successful brazing.

Step N° 2 and a big deal of N° 5 can be ommited if ARGENTA brazing filler metal flexible flux coated are being used.


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